Grind to Fly is unlike any other training system. Our team incorporates concepts from elite mental and physical fitness to design a specific and effective plan to enhance the operator's performance and factor of safety. It is in the details...the sequencing, pacing, pairing, duration, and manipulation of the training, that make this training system unique.

Our team emphasizes continual development, tailored to the individual's needs and goals. Simultaneously preparing each body part for the specific mission and adding unique variations to exercises, every possible variable is accounted for with Grind to Fly. This includes adjusting nutritional habits to optimize physiology, and training the eyes, neck muscles, fingers, and wrists to maximize control of the aircraft. Our training system accounts for all variables, ensuring the body and mind have the greatest opportunity for success.

In this system, we condition the mind and body for heightened situational awareness, enhanced feel, touch, and control of the aircraft, and the ability to perform and think clearly in high G-environments.  Each sortie presents different challenges. These challenges require reliable and flexible skills. Grind to Fly designs techniques to synchronize muscular and sensory systems, ensuring the mind and body are ready and able to respond in any situation, regardless of the limitations or operating environment.

Commit. Grind. Fly. 

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