Design and implement techniques to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical abilities in the operating environment. 


To provide a platform for anyone passionate about aviation, health & wellness, and peak performance to improve.   


To become the most knowledgeable, capable, and professional subject matter experts in aerospace performance, orthopedics, and leadership development.

"On April 4th, 2018 the world lost Major Stephen Del Bagno (Thunderbird #4) due to in-flight physiological complications. Using systems thinking and performance enhancing strategies, Grind to Fly© was created to mitigate similar tragedies in the future, increase awareness and knowledge of aerospace physiology, and to help other people excel."

-Santiago Garcia, Founder of Grind to Fly

Endorsed by the Department of Defense

Grind to Fly has counseled student pilots, cargo pilots, and fighter pilots on mental/physical aviation performance and provided mental training techniques for professional and collegiate athletes.


In 2018, Grind to Fly received funding for research from the United States Air Force after reaching the semi-finals of the Spark Tank competition. This funding provided ample support for Grind to Fly to continue research and ultimately publish The Grind to Fly System: An Introduction to Elite Aviation Fitness. Since the publication of this introductory text, Grind to Fly continues to strengthen ties with pilots from all communities, key personnel in aviation human factors, aerospace medicine and orthopedic physicians, and professional psychologists.

Grind to Fly is a non-profit organization. All earnings are directly reinvested back into the organization for research, scholarships, and enrichment opportunities.

Grind to Fly provides the skills, knowledge, and resources to: 


  • Regulate and reduce the effects of common altitude related illnesses. 

  • Acclimate to adverse and rapidly changing environments.

  • Manage and mitigate human-factors related errors. 

  • Take control of the mind and body under high G-Forces.

  • Explore aviation/human-factors technologies and potential impacts on operators. 

Peak Performance

  • Set and achieve goals.

  • Manage the four energy dimensions. 

  • Eliminate self-imposed stress. 

  • Develop rituals for success that are unique to the individual.

  • Overcome adversity and traumatic events.

  • Better understand one's purpose. 

Health & Wellness

  • Develop elite and sustainable dietary habits. 

  • Tailor functional fitness to the individual's needs/goals. 

  • Reduce inflammation.

  • Rapidly increase hydration. 

  • Prevent respiratory and circulatory health complications. 

  • Strengthen the spinal column and cord. 

  • Increase range of motion in various areas of the body.