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Flying constitutes mental calmness, physical relaxation, alertness, and emotional stability. High physical energy, acting on instinct and automation, laser focus, and confidence are additional sensations that people experience when they are flying

Ex: "Did you see Kobe's performance against the Celtics last night? Kobe dropped 69 points. That dude is flying." 

Learn to Fly

Achieving control over one's performance happens by optimizing one's spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state. Identifying the barriers blocking peak performance and developing rituals to leverage the four energy pillars is how Grind to Fly provides their clients with the mental edge. 


Flying State Energy Pyramid





Development (grinding) Occurs from the Bottom Up

Peak Performance (flying) Occurs from the Top Down

Grind to Fly employs a 4-step process that actively targets each energy level: 

  1. Identify one's purpose

  2. Bulletproof the mind

  3. Develop superior emotional awareness

  4. Take relentless actions

Commit today. There is nothing holding you back. Contact our team to develop a plan of action that will have you flying in no time! 

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