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 Grind to Fly Tennis training
beyond Peak performance

Private Coaching

Beginner: Achieve an unbreakable tennis foundation and education. Learn safe techniques to prevent injury and practice modalities that ensure long-term development. Understand the basics of movement, stroke development, and strategy. 

Intermediate: Incorporate live-ball drills and point play to refine ball-striking ability, on-court movement, and competitive mindset. Improve match toughness by ensuring habits do not break down under the pressure of competition. 

Advanced:  Applying principle of combat aviation and sports psychology, get the edge over the competition. Solidify physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual skills against the toughest training modalities on the planet. Quantitatively assess whether you are prepared to perform at the highest levels of competitive tennis. 

Semi-Private & Group


Semi-Private: Ideal for doubles teams and/or groups of 2-4, this training is geared towards achieving a high volume of repetitions, point play, and teamwork. Synchronize with your doubles partner and apply winning strategies. Understand how to identify opponents' strengths and weaknesses, technical inefficiencies, and physical limitations. Sustain your highest level of tennis play, regardless of your opponent(s). 


Group Clinics: Seminar-based training for the masses. Ideal for high school and college teams seeking peak performance. Learn a checklist based approach to stroke production and pre/during/post-match rituals.

Technical & Tactical Video Analysis

In the USAF Pilot community and professional tennis community, video review is a daily occurrence. However, over 90% of tennis players have never seen themselves play tennis on camera. Using video analysis of a players' strokes and a sampling of point play, it is possible to determine the root cause and contributing factors for unforced errors, injury, poor decision making, etc. Following a thorough debrief, players will understand the instructional fixes and practice modalities to prevent the same mistakes from happening twice. Additionally, players will improve strokes in-accordance with physical laws and biomechanical principles for efficient, injury-free technique. 

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NCAA Division 1 College Tennis - United States Air Force Academy (2016-2020)

University of Florida Women's Tennis Volunteer Assistant Coach (2020)

3+ Years High Level Tennis Teaching Experience

B.S. Human Factors Psychology - United States Air Force Academy

HPI Mental Toughness Training - Dr. Jim Loehr

Great Base Tennis Certification - Steve Smith

Coach: Santiago Garcia

Santiago Garcia grew up as a multi-sport athlete, playing basketball, tennis, wrestling, cross country, track & field, surfing, and football. While developing his athletic background, Santiago kept tennis a constant by training at several tennis academies across the country and competing in national and international junior tennis tournaments during the summers. Santiago won more matches and advanced further than any player at the #1 singles position in Cocoa Beach High School history. Santiago ultimately earned a tennis scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 College Tennis for the United States Air Force Academy. During his Senior Year at the Air Force Academy, Santiago helped the team achieve their highest single-season winning percentage in program history. While awaiting pilot training, Santiago served as the Volunteer Assistant Coach and primary hitting partner for the University of Florida Women's Tennis Team, where he gained valuable insight to the work ethic, character, and training strategy needed to succeed at the highest level of college tennis.


Santiago's coaching philosophy is heavily influenced by the USAF Fighter Weapons School debrief methodology as well as tennis coaches Steve Smith (stroke production), Vic Braden (biomechanics), Dr. Jim Loehr (Mindset) and Emilio Sanchez (footwork).


Currently, Santiago is coaching several high-school and college tennis players with national and international rankings. Santiago integrates cutting edge principles of combat and aviation psychology, fact-based technical instruction, and Spanish movement/footwork to produce champions. For more information on how to train with Coach Santiago Garcia, please contact our team.  

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Exceed Your Potential & Set New Standards

Applying Grind to Fly principles of peak performance is the basis of what makes this tennis instruction so effective. Click here for more information on the Grind to Fly System to go beyond peak performance. 

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