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Breath Work For Recovery and Immunity Enhancement

Breathing is normally an autonomic process... therefore, majority of people never really give it the attention it deserves. Being aware and taking control of our breathing is an effective way to improve our lifestyle, performance, and well-being. For pilots and athletes, being mindful of when, how, and why you breathe has many benefits. Healthy breathing requires abdominal and core strength, a full range of diaphragmatic contraction and retraction, and thoracic mobility. The normal shallow breathing that occurs in an autonomic state, fails to put the diaphragm into a state of contraction. There are various breathing techniques that anybody can practice to train the abs and diaphragm to maximize air intake, have a full range of motion, and relieve pressure from the spine. In this video you’ll find an explanation of our two favorite exercises for diaphragmatic engagement, immune system activation and recovery: -Recovery Breathing (4 Count Inhalation // 8 Count Exhalation) -Immune System Enhancement/Hyperventilation Breathing (Large Inhalation//Minimal Exhalation)

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