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Don't Read This (Trigger Warning)

The Grind (noun): living out your purpose, eating properly, exercising, holding the line, doing what you need to do to get after it, living joyfully, etc. “Dude, you need to get back on The Grind.”

The Grind sounds like an awesome mantra and a pretty easy lifestyle to follow...until things become uncomfortable. Every moment is filled with opportunities to deviate from The Grind. Temptations, permanent defeat, hazards, indecision, fear...are all distractions that will lead you in the wrong direction. When the intensity around you starts ramping up, when the pull of the pillow becomes insurmountable, when the beer and loaded fries seem to perfectly compliment an evening of Netflix and XBOX, what decision will you make? Will you drift, or will you stay on The Grind?

Lately our team has been getting a few questions regarding motivation, holding the line, and staying on top of your game [especially] when there are no immediate consequences for being lazy, procrastinating, or neglecting to put in the work. Our answer to these questions is simple:

Stop thinking and start doing. Do something to elevate your heart rate. Take the first step. Read ten pages of a book. Don’t let the conversation in your head dominate you. When your feelings don’t align with your goals, ignore your feelings and take action anyways. Don’t be a slave to fear, overthinking, or uncertainty. Be a champion of positivity, step outside of your comfort zone, and do everything you can to make yourself and your team better.

The Grind isn’t for everybody and that is ok. We have free will. If habitually eating potato chips, drinking sugary beverages, complaining behind a keyboard, feeling entitled and playing video games makes you the happiest version of yourself, awesome! Our time on this Earth is finite and we never know when it will expire. But when it does, you will have a debrief waiting for you with the creator of the universe. I will do my best to be ready, and I pray you do too.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to begin taking action towards your dreams. The Grind does not discriminate, it does not show favoritism, it does not lie and will expose your deepest insecurities if you do not take action.

The greatest way to express gratitude is by using the gifts you’ve been given. The Grind asks for nothing more than a genuine attitude and effort.

Don’t wait. Get back on The Grind today.

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