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Interview on the 'Character Matters' Radio Show

A year and a half ago, Chief Vasquez invited me onto his radio show, ‘Character Matters’ to discuss the birth of Grind to Fly and what this initiative was all about. During our chat, we discussed plans to create a program that aviators could use to better their physical and mental readiness.

Last week, Chief and I linked up for a progress update. On this episode of ‘Character Matters’ we discuss the applicability of Grind to Fly’s new book, progress over the last 18 months, leadership, and how being on a sports team has prepared me for future challenges. You can hear the energy in his voice and his enthusiasm for inspiring the next generation of our nation’s leadership.

Chief Master Sergeant (USAF Ret.) Vasquez has been an inspiration and role model since inprocessing day, where he instilled the ‘All In’ mentality in my classmates and I at Doolittle Hall in the summer of 2016. Chief is a professor, mentor, life coach, musician and well-known to cadets as the ‘backbone’ of our Academy.

I am thankful for the amazing opportunities the Academy provides its cadets to share their stories. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!

Santiago Garcia on Character Matters 1/18/20:

Santiago Garcia on Character Matters 8/24/18:

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